About iRepair Expertss

Our company, iRepair Experts, is a personal business that was started in 2014 by our founder, Mandeep, at his family home garage. From when he was 17 years old, he developed a passion and interest and pursued the career further since then he has been fixing broken and malfunctioned computers, laptops and phones.

He joined employment immediately after school, working for mobile phones and computer repair companies as a technician. But after working for close to 10 years, he felt it was time to venture on his own and that is how iRepair Experts was born with its first clients being family and friends.

Slowly Mandeep got referrals and has so far grown from the garage to two busy stores in Brisbane, Australia and having some of the best technicians in our growing team. We are passionate about what we do. Our focus is to provide a top-notch repair of broken phones and computers.
Our Core Values
Care for clients
We don't just exist to fix gadgets; the main priority is our client, how we make a client feel after our service is our end goal. We love to see happy and satisfied customers. We understand what it feels to have your phone broken or your computer not working. You risk losing a lot of money and hours by not working or being in touch with important people, which is why we have made it a priority to ensure your frustrations come to an end immediately you enter the store. You can be guaranteed not to leave the store the same way you came in.
Quality Parts
Quality parts work just as fine as the original ones, and that is why we don't compromise for quality. A repair is only as good as the parts you get and our focus is on that. We guarantee you the screen you buy from us, chargers, batteries and so on will last you the phone's life. We understand that some companies, to make huge profits, will sell fake parts that will have you running back to the repair shop barely a month later, which is very unfortunate, but for us, we promise you the best; you might pay more but go home with something worth your money and time.
Passion for work
Before we get any technician on board, we want to know; Are you passionate about what you do? we want to see that whatever they do; they do from the heart and this makes any business successful. A salary is good, but it should not be the only driving force. A passionate tech will have the right attitude when working on a repair and handling a client and that is what iRepair Experts is all about.
If you live in Brisbane, Australia and you need a mobile phone or computer repair services, call us. We are confident your experience at iRepair Experts will be an unforgettable one.