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iRepair Experts has technicians that are highly trained in iPhone repairs. It doesn’t matter if your iPhone’s screen is broken, or your phone fell into the water. Using proven methods of professional iPhone repair and quality reliable parts, our team of technicians are capable of repairing 99% of iPhone devices, and in the unlikely event that we are unable to repair your iPhone all you pay is the return postage and the diagnostic fee. If it can be fixed, iRepair Experts can fix it. If it cannot be fixed we will be happy to discuss the options of trading in your broken device for a new one or a reconditioned one. We pride ourselves in customer service and the engineer allocated to your phone will always keep you informed of the status of your repair, and if necessary contact you with further options. That is why the decision you make will determine if your iPhone will survive damage, and get better, or it will get worse and lead to its death. Don’t be a victim, only trained experts should repair a damaged iPhone. At iRepair Experts, Brisbane, Australia, we boast of technicians that are highly trained in iPhone repair. No model of the Apple iPhone is too tough for us to fix.


Why iRepair Experts
Premium Parts
Only the best quality makes it to your phone
Unbeatable Prices
High quality at low prices
Repair at Home/Office
Mobile repair right where you are
12 Months Warranty
We offer 12 months warranty on screen repair services
Expert Technician
We ensure your phone is always in safe hands
Guaranteed Safety
Be it buyback or repair, we are the safest hands for your device security
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iPhone Repair Services

Accidents happen, sadly, some lead to damages to your precious and expensive phones. It may cause damage ranging from cracks on your screen, battery or charging problems, booting issues, phone slowing down or even hanging, speakers not working, Power/Side Button problems, System, Network and Software problems, and so on. It is not uncommon for iPhone repair centers to be in every nook and cranny. The question you should ask is, can I trust these repair centers with my sick phone to be nurtured back to health? Even the best of phones like the iPhone comes with a pack of challenges and complexity. If your phone gets into the wrong hands, that could be the end of your luxury phone. So what do you do? Who can you trust? Whatever the case, if you are in Brisbane, Australia, sweat no more! iRepair Experts is your tested and authorized iPhone repair center. Bring your damaged iPhone, and we'll repair it. We handle damages ranging from cracks on your screen, battery or charging problems, booting issues, phone slowing down or even hanging, speakers not working, Power/Side Button problems, System, Network and Software problems, and so on. Our iPhone experts rely on sophisticated and customized tools for iPhone repairs. We stock only premium and genuine parts that come with a money-back guarantee. Be rest assured that your device is in safe hands. Do you want professional iPhone repair services in Brisbane, Australia, with a warranty and at the best competitive prices? Look no further than iRepair Experts; we exist for all and any of your iPhone issues. To best serve you, we operate 24 hours daily, seven days a week. No one does iPhone repairs better!
Below is a list of some common iPhone issues and how we can help fix them.

Fix Cracked iPhone Screen

This is one of the most common problems. At some point, almost every iPhone owner will drop their phone and break the screen. This kind of accidental damage is relatively inexpensive to fix through an Apple Store, but only if the phone is under warranty. If your iPhone’s screen is cracked, refrain from using it until you get a reasonable iPhone screen repair or iPhone screen replacement quote from an expert. A quick fix from an iPhone repair expert in Brisbane can easily get your phone back in tip-top shape in no time. However, if the warranty is no longer viable, Apple repair fees can be pretty costly. Another repair option is having the cracked iPhone screen fixed by a third-party service provider like iRepair Experts in Brisbane, Australia, at a very affordable rate. The main cost elements for iPhone screen repair are the model of the phone and the complexity of damage, whether both layers of the screen — the glass and the LCD layer — are broken; the more advanced the model, the more expensive it is to repair. As easy as an iPhone screen repair seems, extreme care has to be taken because the cable linking the display component to the other parts of the device is tiny and fragile. In other words, a catastrophe may not be far away in a screen replacement gone lousy scenario. Regardless of the screen damage, iRepair Experts technicians are trained and certified in iPhone screen replacement. Our iRepair Experts will fix your cracked iPhone screen professionally, and the replacement process will be fast, resulting in an efficient iPhone screen. No one will ever know that your iPhone underwent a screen replacement procedure. You will not have to wait days or weeks to have your phone back. Each iPhone screen repair quality is guaranteed for the lifetime of your phone, so you need not worry about repeat issues or the screen not responding a week later from your fix.

iPhone Back or Rear Glass Replacement

At iRepair Experts, opting for iPhone repair services doesn't have to break your bank. No need to search “iPhone services near me” just to find the best solution for your needs — our services are both fast and budget-friendly. Depending on the type of damage and the extent of the damage to your iPhone, repair costs will vary. If you own an iPhone, having a reliable repair service you can count on will provide peace of mind. If your iPhone needs anything from a back glass repair to a battery replacement, back cover, water damage, audio chip repair or LogicBoard, iRepair Experts has the parts, tools and experience to get the job done correctly— quickly and smoothly.Getting your iPhone repaired in Brisbane doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Let our team at iRepair Expertss take care of everything!

iPhone does not Boot up?

A mute smartphone with the best functions will not give satisfaction to the owner. Nothing sucks like when the speakers of your phone stop working or become faulty (making annoying background noises). Ask anyone whose iPhone speakers suddenly stopped working. iPhone users depend on the functionality of their Speaker because, with no speaker, you can't make a call, as you won't be able to hear the person on the other end. You cannot listen to your favorite music or even hear your alarm, or get a notification when a message comes in. Owning a dumb phone can be frustrating and annoying. A functioning speaker is essential to any phone. Your iPhone speaker not working could result from a dusty speaker, an outdated IOS, broken buttons, or just minor settings. Fortunately, you can take these basic troubleshooting steps to make your phone speaker start working. Check your sound settings; clean your receivers and speakers. Check the sound on your device, and you can also try making a call. If you still cannot hear anything, that means your iPhone speaker is broken. It does not matter that your iPhone speaker is not working; solving this kind of problem only takes a few minutes. Slight cleaning might be required, and in severe cases, a new speaker may be necessary. Either way, the cheering news is that iRepair Experts in Brisbane, Australia, will repair your iPhone speaker not working, and you will have your phone back the same day.

iPhone Speaker not working?

Nothing sucks like when the speakers of your phone stop working or become faulty (making annoying background noises). This means you can't make a call because you won't be able to hear the person on the other end. You cannot listen to your favorite music or even get a notification when a message comes in. A functioning speaker is an important factor on any phone. Your iPhone speaker not working could be a result of a dusty speaker, an outdated IOS, broken buttons, or just minor settings. Fortunately, you can take these basic troubleshooting steps to make your phone speaker start working. Check your sound settings; clean your receivers and speakers. Check the sound on your device, and you can also try making a call. If you still cannot hear anything, that means your iPhone speaker is broken. It doesn't matter why your iPhone speaker is not working; solving this kind of problem only takes a few minutes. Only slight cleaning might be required, and in serious cases, a new speaker may be necessary. Either way, the cheering news is that iRepair Experts in Brisbane, Australia, will repair your iPhone speaker not working, and you will have your phone back the same day.

Power/ Side Buttons Are Stuck?

Side buttons are also known as power buttons, and just like the name implies, the button powers your phone. It is also used to lock and unlock your phone. When a button as crucial as the side button now gets stuck, it can be problematic for the user. Many reasons can make your iPhone side button stuck, such as misalignment or a collection of dirt. It could also be a result of moisture, accidents, mishandling, and old age. Using your phone or even activating it with none of the buttons functioning can be quite challenging and inconvenient. You can try a few tricks like using compressed air to remove dirt, poking with a needle, but this only makes the situation worse and often is a lost cause. When the spring inside the power button gets broken, there's nothing much you can do to fix it, unfortunately, because you cannot fix it yourself. You can try visiting an Apple store if your iPhone warranty is still valid. If your Warranty is no longer valid, and you are in Brisbane, Australia, you should contact iRepair Experts, a third-party service provider. We are skilled in the repair of stuck iPhone side buttons and other iPhone-related problems. We will handle your phone with great care and return it to you in a better condition.

My iPhone keeps hanging

The condition of an iPhone freezing is also referred to as hanging. Almost every smartphone will begin to hang due to prolonged usage. In most cases, the activities of iPhone users have impaired the smooth operations of their phones by overloading the device with so much that it can carry. The effect is that your iPhone becomes so slow to maneuver between Apps. The common reason why your iPhone keeps hanging could be that your RAM has been fully used. Other reasons could be insufficient space, uninstalled updates, overheating, buggy apps, and low battery. To end the cycle of freezing in your iPhone, you can take these steps. Try to restart your iPhone, precise recent data, uninstall unimportant apps you don't frequently use, delete some photos and videos and update your iPhone to the latest software. You can also get an external memory, use anti-virus, avoid heavy games or videos and use them for long periods. If none of the above works, it might be a significant underlying software issue or time for a new screen. At iRepair Experts, Brisbane, Australia, our technicians will diagnose your phone to find out why your iPhone keeps hanging and offer a solution. All our parts are premium with a warranty. Does your iPhone keep turning? Let iRepair Experts come to your rescue!

Have you dropped your iPhone in Water?

Electrical gadgets and Water are not the best of friends; as much as possible, do not let your phone come in contact with liquid. Is your phone dropped in Water? Water damage is one of the most common problems iPhone users are faced with. Since we take our phones everywhere, an iPhone falling into the Water might not be inevitable. Phones are dropped in saltwater, toilet water, coffee, and so on. You may be curious to know the implication of your precious phone falling in the Water. Your phone battery could short circuit, the internal components of your iPhone could rust, and the question of what happens to the minerals when the Water vaporizes. The survival rate of any waterlogged iPhone will depend on exposure time, how long the phone was submerged in water. Another factor to consider is what actions were taken and how fast they were taken. Lastly, the type of liquid your iPhone fell into will go a long way in the recovery process of your phone. Salty Water, beverages, juice, soda, and the likes can cause more havoc to your phone than plain Water because the salt and sugar can be trapped inside your phone. Here are some tips to follow if you drop your phone in the Water. Turn off your phone immediately, remove your iPhone from the case, ease liquid out of the ports and remove your sim card. There is a good chance that these steps will bring your phone out of the woods. If it does not, unfortunately, Apple repairs do not cover water damages; you might need to contact a third-party iPhone repair center. If you are in Brisbane, Australia, iRepair Experts is at your service. iRepair Experts will check your phone to fix any water damage on your device. If we cannot fix your iPhone, due to the degree of damage, we will be glad to help you recover your data.

Battery Draining Faster?

iPhones enjoy bigger batteries, and with bigger batteries comes great efficiency. Be that as it may, battery life is essential for every smartphone, but that does not mean we should go plugging in our iPhones several times daily. What should be a great concern is if you suddenly find out that your battery is draining faster than it should. 2 culprits are responsible for your battery draining faster. It is either the battery is depreciating or something in the system is wearing battery power beyond normal. This further explains that your iPhone battery problem could either be software or hardware-related. Here are proven hacks you could try out to lengthen your battery lifespan. Check battery usage. Turn off the raise to wake. You could also update apps (including iOS update). Turn off Background App Refresh, and disable location services. Turn on airplane mode in lousy signal areas. Others are to turn off vibration and turn off the auto-brightness feature. Also, turn off WiFi when not in use and don't let your iPhone overheat. If you have tried these, and your phone battery condition does not improve, it may be time for battery replacement; before panicking, contact iRepair Experts in Brisbane, Australia. We are professionals when it comes to iPhone repair of any kind. Our expert technician designated to you will run checks on your device to determine why your phone battery is draining faster than expected. iRepair Experts also stock premium and genuine batteries that come with a warranty. To avoid battery-related problems in the future, you may want to be careful with heat. Puncture, liquid, and continuous emptying of the battery can endanger your battery life.

iPhone Not Charging?

As humans need food and Water to survive, our phones rely on a good dose of charging to function effectively. Imagine the unpleasant surprise of finding out that your iPhone is not charging. You don't have much time. You are running late for a meeting, or you have a dinner to attend. It can be annoying because you have tried all you can before losing sleep over your iPhone that won't power up. Is your iPhone not charging? Well, there could be several culprits responsible for this. For example, the problem could be that the outlet connection is not firm enough. It could also be that your charging accessories are not Apple certified. Another reason could be that you are using a rugged case that does not support Qi-wireless charging. Your charging port might be dirty. Your power adapter or charging cable is spoiled. Water damage might also be the cause, or something is wrong with your iPhone software. However, there are a few quick-fix steps you could try to solve your iPhone not charging problem. Remove the dirt out of your iPhone's charging port. Check your lightning cable and power adapter. You can also try a different charger. Make sure that the iPhone case supports wireless charging. Hard reset your iPhone. Do a Software update on your iPhone, and restore your iPhone. If, after all these processes, your hopes are dashed, and your iPhone won't charge. You will need to repair your iPhone. If you are in Brisbane, Australia, you're looking for a tested and trusted iPhone repair center. iRepair Experts is your best bet in iPhone repairs. Our team of trained technicians relies on the use of sophisticated gadgets. They know what to do to fix your iPhone not charging issue. No matter the iPhone repair, iRepair Experts is second to none, we don't guess, we fix iPhone problems!

Wrapping up

Our creative iPhone repair process allows you to get on with your life without interruptions. If an accident happens that will warrant the repair of an iPhone, just call us, and we'll send one of our iRepair Expertss out to you for a quick and easy fix. We repair iPhone screens, iPhone buttons, and iPhone microphones in Brisbane, Australia. The whole process usually takes a few minutes, so your day is not spent on getting your iPhone repaired. Another bonus is that our services run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you don't have to wait to get your iPhone fixed. So if you need an iPhone screen replacement in Brisbane or any other iPhone repair, give calls to us and schedule an appointment today!
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At iRepair Experts, we proudly offer iPhone repair and iPhone screen repair services to gadget-lovers across Brisbane and Logan. Additionally, our convenient mobile repair services are available in the following locations:
  • Annerley QLD
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Convenient iPhone repairs in Brisbane and beyond
When your phone is damaged, this issue can interrupt many aspects of your daily routine. That’s why we offer fast and convenient iPhone repairs, so you get your device back in no time. With a 12-month warranty on our iPhone screen repair services, you can ensure that you’re getting only the best service from our technicians at iRepair Experts. You can simply book your Apple iPhone repair online or drop your phone into a store, and we’ll fix it with premium parts. Need to book an Apple repair? Our team at iRepair Experts is ready to help you! iRepair Experts makes it easy to get your phone fixed by an expert technician. You can find out more about our pricing online, such as the cracked iPhone repair cost, and can then book via our website or contact us for more information.
Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the iRepair Experts service page and click on phone repair. iPhone model, and book repair. Then you select your repair type. You then see the cost for different iPhone series, the turnaround time and payment option.

Or you could simply call our customer care lines; they’ll further explain and answer all your questions because your comfort is our priority, we also have the option of mail-in repairs from anywhere within Australia.

Yes we do. At iRepair Experts these are the common issues with iPone and we fix them without hassles, thanks to our team of experts.
  • iPhone Screen replacement
  • iPhone is running slow
  • iPhone not powering on
  • iPhone Sound or microphone repairs
  • iPhone shutting down suddenly
  • iPhone motherboard repair
  • iPhone water and other liquid damage repairs
  • iPhone battery replacement
  • iPhone charging port replacement
  • iPhone rear glass replacement repairs
  • Data recovery and other related problems
  • Software update and fixing other associated problems

Resetting your iPhone means restoring your phone to its original system state by deleting all of the information you have stored.

To answer the question, No you should not reset your iPhone, rather at iRepair Experts we always advise our customers to always save their data by back up on the computer or on iCloud.

During repairs, loss of data is a very unusual occurrence, however as a precaution, backing up your data will avoid any impending heart aches.

At iRepair Experts, with our repair at home and office options, you will get your phone on the spot, especially with repairs ranging from screen repairs, and charging port replacements. However, variation in models and degree of damage will require different turnaround times, but you will get your phone the same day.

Factors that might extend the repair of your phone beyond a day can be as a result of late booking or the need to get a part. Other than that you will not need to miss your phone for a long time.

iRepair Experts is spread across Brisbane with presence in 20 locations. We are not limited by distance because our skilled technicians are at hand for home and office repairs. If your location does not fall within our coverage areas, you can take advantage of our mail-in repair service.

Absolutely yes, instead of locking your old and unresponsive iPhone inside your locker, bring it or send it to the store. We will check your phone, and pay you. It’s that simple!

We will pay a very good price for your device, whether it’s an iPad, iPhone or Samsung device. Check our sales page to know the worth of your device.

At iRepair Experts we understand the importance of your device to you, not to worry, we will inform you as soon as your device is repaired through calls, text messages, and e-mails.

iRepair Experts provides a 12 months warranty on labor and parts used to repair the device.

If you accidentally dropped your iPhone in water, immediately take your phone to a local repair shop and get the technician to disconnect the battery to avoid further damage to your device.

At iRepair Experts, you can either book an appointment online, or through calling our customer care lines, or you can walk in straight into our stores.

We might not be able to guarantee the part you bought elsewhere. As such we will only recommend our parts, so we can take responsibility if anything goes wrong.

There is no point beating a dead horse! We will never bill you. Just come to the store to collect your phone, or pay to have your phone mailed to you.

Yes, we will examine your device for the extent of damage, and to investigate what went wrong during the failed repair. We will try our best to repair your phone, but without a warranty on repair.

Yes you can, call the location where you want to be attended, and explain the multiple issues. We will see what we can do for you.

Absolutely yes! Since we operate a pay after repairs policy, we must ensure all repaired devices are tested and certified okay.

Yes. iPhone screen repairs can be repaired depending on the type of damage. Most of the time, cracked or smashed screens are entirely replaced with new screens to leave your iPhone looking good as new.

This depends on the type of service provider you choose. If you’re looking for iPhone screen repairs in Brisbane, iRepair Experts is the go-to solution for a compliant, secure and trustworthy phone repair service. We recommend backing up your iPhone before dropping your iPhone screen for repair to help prevent any data loss during the repair — this is unlikely, but it’s always a good idea to take precautions.

The timeline for iPhone screen repair usually depends on the type of damage. Known for our guaranteed service and quick turnaround, we can get your iPhone looking new and repaired on the same day. If there’s a need to order a special part, this might take anywhere between one to three days.

At iRepair Experts, iPhone screen repairs start from $69. Depending on the type of device and service, you might have additional costs. Browse our affordable pricing to learn more about our services. If you have more questions, contact us directly — our team will be happy to help.
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