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Apple iPhone Motherboard Repair Services

iPhone logic board can cause a number of problems if it doesn’t function properly. You may receive an error message, or the phone may overheat, or it will go dead. At iRepair Experts, you will get skilled technicians to have a quick and affordable Apple iPhone Motherboard Repair for circuit boards.

CPU And SWAP (Repair). Is your iPhone got run over by a car or dropped on a hard surface and bent the motherboard and local repair shop unable to repair?. There might be lots of photos and data that you might be worried about. Have you heard about CPU or NAND SWAP? Where we can Swap Your Storage to the new logic board for it to be able to save your broken DATA. With this process, we Need to SWAP CPU, NAND (Storage), Baseband from the broken or bent motherboard to the new board by using our high skills, to be able to save your important DATA.

Water Damaged And Worried About Important DATA?: Liquid Damage to Your iPhone: Have you just dropped your iPhone in the water? It doesn’t matter whether it has an IP67 or IP68 water resistance rating, the iPhone rubber seal between the screen and metal frame becomes soft and degrades over the span of usage. Even, the seal gets damaged faster when the iPhone gets hot upon using GPS or gaming for prolonged hours.
25% of the iPhone users reportedly damaged their iPhone by spilling the water accidentally. Even 15% of iPhone buyers are found to have liquid damage due to a broken iPhone. Well, our certified electricians have the expertise to troubleshoot and repair the water-damaged iPhone.
iPhone X CPU, NAND Swap

Motherboard repair is a quite complex and time-consuming procedure that requires accuracy in techniques. Here are a few motherboard issues explained:

Data Recovery: if your iPhone is dead or dropped it in the pool, won't power ON. Our Trained Experts are here to help you. They work on all levels of soldering from CPU to NAND Repair for it to be able to recover your DATA.

Audio IC Problem : These problems are mostly produced in the iPhones and started from the iPhone 4. Still, we are facing that defect in the iPhones. The problem is that sometimes we can’t hear sound on phone calls and the cause of this problem is Audio IC. it might happen whenever users dropped their iPhone which sometimes directly impacts the circuit board and causes Audio ic not to work. Moreover, not only this sometimes iPhones repaired by unprofessional or un-trained technicians can also defect the main logic board.

Battery And FPC Connector : When the battery connector on the motherboard gets broken, your device will run only after putting it on the charge.

Not Charging : if you are suffering from iPhone not charging and local shop have tried multiple charging ports but did not make any difference. We will take care of it and get your iPhone back on track again

iPhone Baseband Repair

What is baseband?
Baseband is an CPU ic that has a unique IMEI linked to it. If this IMEI is no longer there due to baseband not working or damaged, Tower signal won’t register to IMEI. That is the only reason you won’t get any reception.

Why Does Baseband Get Damaged?
Baseband IC gets damaged if you have dropped it on a hard surface or sometimes due to manufacturing faults. There is another possibility that the phone won’t pick up any signal or sim card after doing Audio IC Repair. If the technician has used it high while doing audio IC and as we know Baseband CPU is another side of the motherboard, it will definitely get damaged. Sometimes a small capacitor or a component failure can cause Basebase failure
iPhone Baseband (No Network Repair)

Our Motherboard Repair Workshop

This is one of the small photos of our workbench in Brisbane Workshop. We use the best tools and skills to repair your Mobile Phone motherboard and do Data Recovery.

using 13 years of experience in the mobile phone industry, we are still gaining our skills in everyday life when we deal with new devices and new problems. iRepair Experts has highly skilled and experienced technicians in the industries. Whether you have a Water damage Phone or Damage Motherboard, we repair it all. Please Follow us on our YouTube Channel.

Mail-in And B2B Services Worldwide

We Accept Motherboard Mail-in service just not in Australia, Customers can send us the devices from anywhere.

Single Customer Mail-in Service: Please fill the mail-in Service form and attach a Delivery note that you will receive by email after filling the mail-in form.

B2B Dealer Service: if You are sending multiple devices every month, You may be eligible for a discount. Please register for a B2B Dealer account.

So, if you are looking for a provider of Apple iPhone Motherboard Repair services, it’s time to connect with us.


At iRepair Experts, we offer a variety of iPhone motherboard repair services, including CPU swaps, data recovery, water damage restoration and baseband replacement. No matter what Apple motherboard repair service you require, you can rest assured your device will be repaired quickly at an affordable price by our team.

Our phones can lead hard lives — unfortunately, sometimes this leads to the need for motherboard repair. Prolonged overuse, exposure to harmful environments and accidental damage are the most common problems that lead customers to seek our expertise and help with their cell phone motherboard repair.

It’s time to contact iRepair Experts about our phone motherboard repair service if you experience overheating, regular error messages, lagging or if your device stops functioning completely. Our team of mobile phone motherboard repair experts can inform you about motherboard repair cost, your closest repair location and even our broken phone buying services.
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