Water Damaged Phone Repair Services in Brisbane

iPhone Water Damage Repair

iPhone XS/XS Max/11, 11 Pro Water Damage Repair in Brisbane by Certified Technicians

Did you accidentally drop your costly iPhone into the water? Having sleepless nights wondering about how to get your phone back to normal state? Well, accidents can happen anytime and you need to be prepared for resolving the issue as early as possible rather than delaying further. Even though Smartphone of this generation support IP67 or IP 68, that doesn't necessarily mean they are water-proof. Whether it's water, coffee or any other drink, liquid damage can bring devastating effects and damage the intricate components of your iPhone.

As we have been in the industry for years, we understand that phone water damage is a nightmare for the owner. But when we are here to help, there is no need to fear. Our professionals are the ones whom you can trust to offer quality water-damaged phone repair services.
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Water Damaged Phone Repair Services in Brisbane

How To Find Out Whether Water Damaged Your iPhone?

Water damage can happen anytime even when you expect the least. It doesn't only happen if you drop your device accidentally into toilet or pool but at the time of exercising in the gym, playing golf etc. In a nutshell, water damage occurs when a single drop of water or any other liquid comes in direct contact with iPhone's water-sensitive components. Even though latest iPhone models come with the water-resistant feature, but a single drop of water is sufficient to take your iPhone beyond repair.

How Do You Know Your iPhone Is Water-Damaged?

Liquid damage can be either invisible or visible, depending upon the amount of water ingress. At times, it appears as tiny bubbles inside the screen or discolouration of the charging port.

Best Way To Detect Water Damage Issue For Your iPhone

If you want to find out whether water has penetrated your device, try looking at it’s LCI or liquid contact indicator. In iPhone XS, XS MAX, XR, 11, 11 Pro, the LCI is placed in the same slot where the SIM card is located whereas in older models, the LCI is located at the charging port, headphone jack or both.

Why Choose Us for Water-Damaged Phone Repair Services?

Hiring us for phone repair services is a smart decision that you can easily make because our team is skilled, trained and experienced. We are well-equipped with the latest tools, and don't hesitate to offer a warranty for the service. Not only that, we also maintain transparency and answer all the queries of our clients. Hence, when we are here to offer quality water-damaged phone repair services, then you don't have to take any stress.
How To Get Water Out Of Your iPhone?
No doubt, a water-damaged iPhone can put your work at stake and seize your mental peace. So how can you rescue your treasured possession from getting further damaged? While the internet is flooded with DIY steps for fixing water-damage issue, the process is not that easy. A single mistake can count on the life of your costly iPhone and make you repent later. Expert technicians providing professionaliPhone repairs in Brisbane, know how to deal with the intricate components and make sure to restore your iPhone back to original state within a few hours. At first, they start checking the LCI and use a paper-clip to take out the SIM tray. They stick the paper clip inside a tiny hole and apply a bit more pressure to eject the SIM tray. Upon removal of the SIM tray and card, iPhone is tilted slightly downwards and from this angle, they check the SIM card slot and the LCI. For people who are not tech-savvy, it’s difficult to execute the task and that’s when they opt for professionaliPhone repair in Brisbane to fix the issue.
Professional iPhone Repairs For Guaranteed Results
Water-damage repair is time-consuming and requires technical expertise, tools and equipment for 100% guaranteed results. If you want your device back to normal working state, get in touch with a reliable iPhone repair technician who can restore your device with perfection and care.