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Samsung Phone Repair

Samsung phones are one of the best smartphones in the market. The sleek curves, classy outlook, fast processors and quality camera are some features that make this brand so popular. In an era where we have become dependent upon technology to help us with many tasks, our phones are for more than just making calls — we do almost everything with them. Receiving emails, managing a team of people at work via WhatsApp groups, selling stuff on WhatsApp (Business) and managing social media — literally, everything that can be done using technology. You need a fast, dependable Samsung phone repair contact near you in case of any breakdowns. Trust only experts with your Samsung screen repair to ensure that every component within your device is handled with the utmost care, minimising the risk of further damage. Our expert technicians have the knowledge and experience necessary to perform precise repairs, guaranteeing a high-quality performance and reliable screen restoration for your Samsung device.

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We offer 12 months warranty on screen repair services
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iRepair Experts Samsung Galaxy Repair Service

Is your Samsung Galaxy phone giving you a sleepless night? Are you at the edge of giving up? Or are you thinking of throwing the phone in your drawer? Are you confused about the financial implications of getting a new phone? Before you think all hope is lost, iRepair Experts is here to save the day. Whether your phone has refused to turn up, or the screen is damaged, making it difficult to navigate and operate your phone. Our team of expert technicians will not delay in ensuring that your device is up and running. We provide Samsung mobile repair services in Brisbane, so we’ve got you covered. It only takes a few minutes for our technicians who are trained in repairing Samsung Galaxy phones to diagnose the problem with your phone. After establishing what the problem is, then our technicians use modern tools to get your phone back on track, as soon as possible without delays. At iRepair Experts, we have successfully repaired thousands of Samsung phones from customers across Brisbane. We give customer satisfaction and guarantee repairs such as screen and rear glass replacement, phone battery replacement, phone getting too hot and turning itself off, headphone jack on working, faulty camera, microphone not working. While checking your device, our technicians may notice that some components of your phone need replacement. No need to worry, we stock only quality aftermarket and premium parts, which have a 12 months warranty. How does our Samsung Galaxy repair service work? You can check your device type, and book your repair here. Or follow these steps: Step 1: Drop off your damaged Samsung Galaxy phone at any of the iRepair Experts centers, or simply mail it. Step 2: Our technicians access your damaged phone and repair it immediately, so you can have your phone back without delay. Step 3: Come to the drop-off center to pick up your repaired phone, or we mail it back to you. The highlight of our repair service is that you get to pay after repairs are done; this is because we value the satisfaction of our customers.

Samsung Galaxy Screen Replacement

Samsung Galaxy phones are not only beautiful but also rugged. In making their screens, they have been fortified with materials such as tough, corning gorilla glass to give resistance to the screens in case there is an accidental fall. Your precious device fell and hit the ground hard. You tried grabbing the phone, but you couldn’t just save it from hitting the ground. Don’t be hard on yourself, it’s not your fault, accidents are unplanned, and the sad reality is that they happen. If your phone has had one too many fall downs, this could be the reason your touchscreen has become unresponsive. Other culprits could be an old or a fake screen protector. It could also be corrupted software that has stopped most apps in your phone or something that is making your phone's sensory feature to your fingers stop working. Whatever the case, it is important that you take your phone for a Samsung Phone Cracked Screen Repair check-up to prevent further damage. An early visit to a phone repairer can also save you from the dangers of cuts and bruises from splinter glass fragments. It will also prevent a total breakdown of your phone that may lead to its death. At iRepair Experts our technicians are trained for Samsung Galaxy screen replacement. They are skilled in quickly diagnosing, and promptly repairing your phone, using only aftermarket and premium parts, so be rest assured that your phone is in safe hands.

Samsung Galaxy Battery Replacement

A phone’s battery is its lifeline. After all, what is the essence of a phone without a battery? Battery performance directly influences the effectiveness of mobile phones. Samsung Galaxy phones come with the popular state-of-the-art Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery that is lightweight, long-lasting, easy to charge, and durable. Battery depletion and lifespan are due to different factors, such as how often the device is used, the number of apps installed and in use, network connectivity, and operating system errors. Because batteries are not built to last for eternity, with time, your battery capacity will wane. If your phone battery does not last long, you can try doing the following. Control your push notifications. Check for an outdated operating system. Adjust your screen brightness. Adjust your screen timeout settings and lower background activity. Ensure your phone has a service. Turn on the battery saver mode. If you have done all these and with a full charge your phone battery goes down within 2 hours, something is wrong. When your phone becomes unresponsive, then it needs a Samsung Galaxy Battery Replacement. At iRepair Experts, we care for your phone and will use only the best aftermarket and premium battery for your device. The interesting thing about our parts is that they have a 12 months warranty, so you have nothing to worry about.

Samsung Galaxy Charging Port Replacement

I know it can be very frustrating for you to be battling with your phone charger because your phone has refused to charge. This frustration heightens when your battery levels have gotten to zero. There are a couple of reasons why your Samsung Galaxy is not charging. It could be that the charging port has been blocked by dust, grime, or particles. Here are more causes why your phone will not charge. A damaged charger, cable, adapter, or socket. Third-party apps getting in the way of the charging process. It could also be that your phone requires a software update. If your phone has stopped charging, you can try out these tips. Also, you can check your device to enable fast charging. Another thing you can also do is to charge your phone with an original Samsung charger. Charging your phone with a USB connected to your PC will only charge slowly. If there is moisture or a foreign object in the USB port, charging will be impossible, because the phone will defend itself by not allowing charging. What you can do is use a soft brush, to remove dirt and any particles from the USB, and try charging again. You can also ensure that the temperature in your surrounding is neither too high nor too low. If this happens your phone will protect itself by charging at a slow pace. Moisture can also be a culprit, check to see if there is moisture inside the USB port. If moisture is detected you will see an indicator of a water drop icon, and the phone will disallow charging. Unplug the charger from your phone. Charging a phone with moisture is capable of damaging the USB port through corrosion. The old myth is very true; don't use your phone while charging, if you are watching videos or playing games, your phone will not charge fast, to avoid your phone overheating. Asides from that over time it wears out your battery, this is the major reason why most smartphones and not only Samsung Galaxy phone batteries do not last and become dead. No matter the degree of damage and cause, iRepair Experts technicians in Brisbane will assess your phone for repairs. If you are in Brisbane, Australia and you’re looking for a tested and trusted Samsung Galaxy repair center. iRepair Experts is your sure bet. Our team of trained technicians use sophisticated gadgets. They know what to do to fix your phone’s not charging issue. No matter the Samsung Galaxy problem, iRepair Experts you will have your phone back working perfectly in no time. We stock only aftermarket parts such as batteries, original chargers, screen protectors, screens, and all kinds of phone accessories.

Samsung Galaxy Water Damage Repair

There is no way water and electric gadgets can stay together. Did you mistakenly drop your costly Samsung Galaxy inside the pool, toilet, or sink? Oh goodness! Before you freak out, you need to relax. It can be hard, but you need some degree of calmness. The decision you take next will determine whether your phone will get saved or not. If your phone got immersed in water, follow these steps. Step 1: shut down your device immediately. This is to reduce the impact of moisture in the phone, which is capable of damaging or corroding the mainboard. If you can remove your Samsung phone battery, quickly remove it with the case. If you cannot remove your battery, switch off your phone. Step 2: Take out moisture. The next thing you should do after switching off your phone is to take as much moisture as possible. Using a dry cloth, focus on these areas: battery, memory card, USIM, earphone jack, and charging point. For areas that are hard to access you should use a cotton bud, with caution. Step 3: remove foreign fragments. This is necessary if your phone falls into coffee, juice, the beach, or the pool. It is vital to get rid of the contamination as quickly as possible, to avoid debris from corroding the mainboard. Switch off the phone and take away all removal parts. Then soak your phone in clean water for 2 minutes, and rinse. Then follow step 2. Step 4: Dry your phone with a fan or by keeping it in the cool shade away from the sun. Do not use a hair dryer in an attempt to quickly dry your phone, it will only damage your phone. Also, do not switch on your phone even if everything looks dry on the surface. There may still be moisture lodged inside the phone. You should immediately bring your phone to iRepair Experts in Brisbane, Australia for a Samsung Galaxy Water Damage Repair. Our expert technicians will examine your phone and repair it so you can have your phone within the shortest time.

What to  What to Do When Your Samsung Phone’s Microphone Isn’t Working

We get it — this is also not a small issue. The phone is there for you to receive or make calls, but if it cannot serve the main purpose of why phones were invented in the first place, then what use is it? If people on the other end complain that your voice is unclear, scratchy or accompanied by annoying background noise, it’s time for a new microphone; as mentioned earlier, replacement processes only take a few minutes. When it comes to having your Samsung phone's microphone repaired, find a reputable phone repair service in Brisbane to help you out. Skilled technicians with experience handling Samsung devices can diagnose and fix the microphone issue efficiently, so you can enjoy clear, uninterrupted calls whenever you need to take them.

Get Expert Phone Repair in Brisbane with iRepair Experts

Are you in Brisbane, Australia, and you are having issues with your Samsung Galaxy phone, and you are not ready to break the bank for minor repairs? Contact iRepair Experts for reliable Samsung screen repair, general phone repair and other services. With the frequent upgrades and new series of phones that Samsung releases yearly, it can be a challenge to locate a repair shop that can handle and repair every model of the Samsung Galaxy. We are your one-stop shop for all your Samsung Galaxy repair needs — contact our team today!

While your Samsung warranty covers a lot of things, there are some common issues that don’t fall under warranty. These include water damage or effects from other liquids, damage to screens, wear and tear, damage from some chargers and more. At iRepair Experts, our services cover repairs for all sorts of accidental mishaps and damage your phone may have suffered, so you can keep enjoying it without the hassle of having to purchase a new one.

It sure is! A Samsung screen repair is a simple fix and one which can give your mobile device a whole new lease on life. Whether you’ve got a tiny, annoying crack from a minor accident or suffered the dreaded drop and have a completely smashed screen on your hands, we can help.

Our experienced technicians are pros at Samsung screen repairs, and we’re able to swap out your old cracked screen for a new one in the time it takes you to do the shopping. Within as little as an hour, you’ll have a brand new shiny screen! Get in touch with us to organise your Samsung screen repair in Brisbane today.

Studies have shown that most repairs required on Samsung phones are broken screens. However yours may not need a screen repair, it could be a charging or microphone issue. Whatever damage your Samsung has, be rest assured that iRepair Experts is up to the task.

We proudly provide Samsung and Apple repair services to gadget owners throughout Brisbane and Logan. Our Samsung repair services are fast and convenient; you will not experience unnecessary delay, so you can have your device as quickly as possible.

With iRepair Experts, booking online is easy, or you could drop off your device at any of our stores without hassles.

Absolutely yes, Samsung phones are one of the best smartphones around. They are sleek, durable and have superb functionalities; however there is no gadget that is immune to breakdown. That is why iRepair Experts exists to offer professional repair services no matter your device needs.

These are some of the repairs services we offer on Samsung phones:
  • Samsung Galaxy Screen Replacement
  • Samsung Phone battery replacement
  • Samsung Phone gets too hot and turns itself off
  • Headphone jack on working
  • Faulty camera
  • Microphone not working

Samsung Galaxy screen repair cost varies from device type to series model. Click here to select your Samsung Galaxy model and find out the cost for your device screen repair.

We advise you to back up any data on your device to avoid data loss. Then you encrypt or otherwise protect your data from unauthorized use, before dropping your device. iRepair Experts will treat data on your device as confidential, and to the best of its capacity.

At iRepair Experts, with our repair at home and office options, you will get your phone on the spot, especially with repairs ranging from screen repairs, and charging port replacements.

However, variation in models and degree of damage will require different turnaround times, but you will get your phone the same day.

Factors that might extend the repair of your phone beyond a day can be as a result of late booking or the need to get a part. Other than that you will not need to miss your phone for a long time.

Yes, iRepair Experts will not leave you hanging in the balance. We are with you post repair that is why we provide a 12 months warranty on labor and parts used to repair your device.

You will find full details of our warranty available here

Absolutely yes! If your Samsung Galaxy drops into the water, whether it’s the sea, poo, or the toilet, first things first, switch off your phone immediately. This is to stop further damage to the phone, then bring your phone without delay to any of the iRepair Experts centers nearest to you.

We will fix your phone on the spot.

We are customer-centric in our approach. That is why we do receive money upfront before repairs, rather you pay after repairs.

In the event that your Samsung phone is not repairable, we have the option of buying your device, so you avoid taking your device home and throwing it into the drawer.

At iRepair Experts we understand the importance of your device to you, not to worry, we will inform you as soon as your device is repaired through calls, text messages, and e-mails.

Yes, at iRepair Experts we will try our best. We will examine your device to know the amount of damage; we will also investigate what went wrong during the failed repair.

With our findings, we will try our best to repair your phone, however without a warranty on repair.

Yes you do, we will do a full-screen replacement notwithstanding the magnitude of the crack in your screen. Also, our screen replacements come with a 6 months warranty!

Yes, iRepair Expertss sells durable and beautiful cases and accessories from the best brands. Walk into our stores to make your choice.

At iRepair Experts, we are transparent, and our watchword is quality. We pride ourselves not only in our service delivery but also in the parts we use for repairs. We source only quality aftermarket and premium parts, that’s why we offer a 12 months warranty on labour and parts.

Is there the need to cancel your booking? Please send a mail to or call the repair center you booked at, we will cancel the booking.

However, booking cancellation has to be done 60 minutes before your planned appointment time, if not a fee will apply.

If you visit the store, you pay only when repairs are done. We accept Afterpay, Visa, American Express, Zippay and cash. Also for customers who visit (iRepair) our repair partner in Paddington you can fix your phone and pay later. As our policy we will only charge you if we fix your device.
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