iPhone 11 pro max Repairs
iPhone 11 pro max boasts the best pro-grade camera ever to be featured on new generation iPhones that comes with a sleek glass front with a glossy matte finishing at the back as well which makes it look slippery! It has an OLED display and superb processor making it such a sensitive device to handle.

So in case an unfortunate incidence happens like scratched or cracked screen, the device stop functioning needing a mother board replacement or the battery needs repair or you have to do a battery replacement, iPhone 11 pro max repair experts in Brisbane have the skill and experience to provide you with all your iPhone repair needs
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We offer 12 months warranty on screen repair services
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iPhone 11 pro max scratched/ cracked/broken screen replacement
Despite Apple boasting of having a durable glass exterior for this iPhone a fatal vertical drop can lead to a shattered or broken screen or luckily a cracked one. Fortunately iPhone 11 pro max repair in Brisbane is stocked with genuine replacement parts at fair prices and will have you device fixed in good time as well.

iPhone 11 pro max screen replacement is a delicate procedure and requires an expert to avoid further damage to the device. We also have screen protectors and a range of iPhone 11 pro max spare parts available to protect you from future possible scenarios!
iPhone 11 pro max damaged motherboard replacement
In the event internal components are damaged due to a fall or a liquid seeps into the device and it won’t turn on, kindly get in touch with us. iPhone is an expensive high-end device and requires the right experts and tools in handling. We might recommend parts or even a mother board replacement and luckily we usually have these parts accessible with the general repairs all at a fair cost!
iPhone 11 pro max Battery Replacement
With the multiple uses and super processors the battery may drain quickly or in some rare cases not charge completely. We advise you in the event you experience this to visit our iPhone repair shop in Brisbane where we will diagnose.

If a battery replacement is required we have genuine batteries in stock at affordable prices. The procedure is sensitive and is recommendable to seek the services of our experts
iPhone 11 pro max system, software and connectivity repair
With the iPhone 11 pro max system and software issues are not uncommon, reports of freezing and lagging are usual and the iPhone OS doesn’t help much either and might leave you head scratching or anxious. Worry not; if you can’t seem to trouble shoot your device our iRepair Expertss iPhone 11 pro max repair in Brisbane are versed in dealing with system or software related issues. We will diagnosis and repair the issue at the convenient time possible to get you back online.

We also deal with connectivity issues in the event you experience difficulties connecting to other Bluetooth devices of accessing Wi-Fi networks as well all at reasonable costs.