iPhone 11 Repairs
iPhone 11 is the successor to the to the iPhone XR in the new generation high-end devices launched by Apple. It’s a relatively delicate device thus if you are looking for iPhone 11 repair, reach out to us, the most trusted iPhone repair in Brisbane, Australia to handle your device with the delicacy it requires. If you are looking for screen repair, be it a shattered or just scratched screen, battery replacement or motherboard issues our iRepair Expertss are well skilled and experienced in all iPhone repair matters. We use high quality parts to keep you going for years to come
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We offer 12 months warranty on screen repair services
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Be it buyback or repair, we are the safest hands for your device security
iPhone 11 scratched/ shattered /cracked screen replacement
Despite of Apple boasting of the glass on iPhone 11 being the toughest on a smartphone ever, users have been complaining on how easily it scratches, worse off even with the slightest bumps and don’t even mention dropping the phone. Luckily our technicians at our shop in the heart of Brisbane are well stocked with genuine replacement parts at very affordable prices and can have an iPhone 11 screen repair in no time at all to get you back to your busy schedule.

We also have a range of screen protectors at very affordable prices that you can acquire to protect your device from future damages not forgetting good cases as well
iPhone 11 Liquid damage repair
iPhone 11 being dust and water resistant doesn’t mean it’s totally waterproof. Liquid damages are relatively common with users. Our iRepair Expertss are well skilled with this issue and will do their best to retrieve your precious information. In case of severe damage to the device a mother replacement procedure can be conducted and at a relatively convenient cost
iPhone 11 battery replacement
iPhone 11 is considered to have a bigger battery ,however, it has a more powerful processor than its predecessors thus you may experience the battery draining quickly or overheating in some cases. These may all be due to several issues related to the system or the hard ware of the device. iPhone battery is in built thus it’s not advisable to do a replacement alone. Our iPhone 11 repair shop in Brisbane is well versed with the relative issues affecting iPhone batteries due to years of experience and are able to diagnose the main problem and make recommendations on the type of repair you may require
iPhone 11 Software/ System/ Connectivity repair
Another challenge with the iPhone 11 is the system OS that might need upgrading or downgrading to give you a better performance for your device, failure to which you may experience problems running apps even overheating in some cases, failure to charge is not uncommon! Our experts are well skilled with dealing with iPhone software and will troubleshoot for you in case you find yourself stuck and inconvenienced.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity issues as well might feature in your day to day use, luckily our experts will give you value for your money.