Apple iPhone 12 Repairs in Brisbane

iPhone 12 is loaded with the usual upgrades such as a faster processor and improved camera, however, it takes everything a notch higher with its new elegant design, OLED screen, entirely new charging system, MagSafe and 5G technology.

This makes it such an expensive high-end device and you will require a genuine approved iPhone repair in Brisbane Australia in the event damages occur and you find yourself requiring scratched, cracked or broken screen replacement, battery replacement, system or software issues troubleshooting and motherboard issues requiring replacement of internal parts.
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iPhone 12 cracked or broken screen replacement
iPhone 12 front is covered by the new glass-ceramic hybrid Apple dubs “Ceramic Shield” and it’s rear by a glossy glass susceptible to scratching, these therefore require a iRepair Experts in the event of a scratch or cracked screen due to a vertical drop or bumping into a hard surface.

Our iPhone repair stop in Brisbane is equipped with genuine replacement covers and parts in the event the camera lenses are similarly affected. We boast of exceptional service and friendly fair costs.

We also have in stock screen protectors and a variety of iPhone cases all at affordable prices to protect you from similar future events
iPhone 12 Motherboard issues requiring replacement
The iPhone 12 is a delicate device and repairs by third parties is becoming limited. In the event your phone has its internal components damaged by bumping, dropping or a liquid seeps in damaging the motherboard and the situation can’t be covered by a warranty, worry not, instead get in touch with our iRepair Expertss iPhone 12 repair in Brisbane, our technicians are equipped with the right tools, experience and replacement parts to fix iPhones conveniently having you back to your busy schedule in no time and making sure all functions of your device work as previously.
iPhone 12 Battery Replacement
With the upgrades and new technology that come with this device (it’s blisteringly fast!), it’s unfortunate that it comes with a smaller battery than its predecessor but equally good. The applications and technology will see the battery drain fast or not holding charge. It might as well charge slowly on wireless or cable charging.

In case you want your battery replaced, we’re well known for iPhone repair in Brisbane and are equipped with genuine replacement batteries that come with a warranty at fair prices.
iPhone 12 System/ Network/ Software repair issues
With the new 5G technology, users will find themselves drifting in between networks in different areas. This might be inconveniencing, however, this can be troubleshot, otherwise if you find yourself having network challenges our technicians are on standby to diagnose and repair your device

System updates and navigation is also a common challenge with new iPhone devices. You can attempt to troubleshoot individually, however, we advise if you are not tech-savvy, get in touch and let us do it for you at an affordable cost to avoid further complications on your expensive device.