iPhone 13 Pro Max Repairs
The iPhone 13 Pro Max is equipped with the high-end specification. It is the most advanced iPhone yet produced by Apple with a screen size of 6.7inches. The phone comes with a ceramic shield, which is tougher than any smartphone glass. It is designed using surgical grade stainless steel which is corrosion-resistant steel. The iPhone is water and dust resistant as it comes with an IP68 rating. It comes with a capacity to remain underwater for up to 30 minutes at four meters, the greatest depth. This premium device weighs 238 grams. It has a pixel resolution of 458 ppi. Giving a unique viewing experience when watching films, videos, or playing games. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is available in four superb colors, which are Silver, Gold, Graphite, and Sierra Blue. Its A15 Bionic chipset makes it possible to access multiple apps, play powerful graphic games, and also browse all at once. The phone is available in various storage choices - 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB, providing more storage space for you without hassles.
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iPhone 13 Pro Max Screen Replacement
The premium Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is a beauty to behold. Its frontal and back glass is not just from any glass. They are made of gorilla glass which is damage and scratch-resistant. The ceramic shield also helps to fortify the glass. But you and I know that glass is prone to damages from cracking, breaking, and shattering. No matter how tough you make it, glass will always be glass. So what do you do when your iPhone 13 Max screen needs replacement? Do you manage it by keep using it? Or do you go for a screen replacement? It is advisable in your interest not to use your iPhone 13 Pro Max with a cracked screen. Damaged screens do not heal, rather it gets worse. This can affect the overall functionality of the phone. It can also cause injury. I know it can be frustrating when your iPhone screen cracks. But not to worry! iRepair Experts in Brisbane, Australia boasts of geniuses who specialize in iPhone 13 Pro Max screen replacement, Brisbane. With us, your phones are in safe hands. We will replace your damaged iPhone 13 Pro Max screen with a high-quality screen. We also have an array of screen protectors and varieties of iPhone 13 Pro Max cases with beautiful designs to protect your phone from accidents.
iPhone 13 Pro Max Charging Port Replacement
The iPhone 13 Pro Max’s charging port is its connective entry for most inter-related connections and the means for charging the phone. It is also the connector to attached devices. As humans need food and water to stay alive, so do our phones. You must give your mobile devices good and consistent charging for optimum performance. Have you suddenly found out that your iPhone 13 Pro Max lightning port isn’t working? You may need a charging port replacement for your iPhone. A lot of factors may be responsible, ranging from corrosion of the metal port. Others are dust, dirt, and debris, broken metal connectors, loose or slag charger ports. Do not go D-I-Y on your phone by attempting to repair it. You are not a trained iPhone repair! Contact iRepair Experts in Brisbane, Australia for your iPhone 13 Pro Max charging port replacement, Brisbane. Our iPhone experts use sophisticated and customized tools. We will replace your damaged charging port with genuine parts. We stock a variety of Qi-wireless chargers that will prolong the lifespan of your iPhone 13 Pro Max charging port, with seamless and easy charging.
iPhone 13 Pro Max Battery Replacement
The iPhone 13 Pro Max has the best battery life ever in an iPhone. It comes with a 4,352mAh battery, for video playback up to 28 hours, and audio playback up to 95 hours. Now, as far as peak performance capacity is concerned. Your iPhone 13 Pro Max battery can supply a satisfactory charge. But over time, your battery health declines, thereby affecting its delivery performance. If your iPhone 13 Pro Max is at the point where you are constantly grabbing your charger, when you have only used your phone for a short period. Your phone may need a battery replacement. These factors can also damage the battery of your iPhone, heat, puncture, liquid, continuous emptying of battery before charging. Since you are not an expert, do not try to replace the iPhone battery yourself! Get in touch with iRepair Experts in Brisbane, Australia for battery replacements. We are experts in iPhone 13 Pro Max battery replacement, Brisbane. We have access to genuine iPhone 13 Pro Max replacement batteries. All our batteries come with a warranty and at the best competitive prices.
iPhone 13 Pro Max Water Damage Repairs
The iPhone 13 Pro Max comes with a water resistance rating of IP68. It can be submerged for up to 30 minutes at four meters, the greatest depth. What this implies is that the iPhone 13 Pro Max can last in water, and it can also be destroyed by water. Another way to explain is that the iPhone 13 Pro Max is not 100% waterproof, but is water-resistant. Although the iPhone 13 Pro Max is built to protect its sensitive parts from accidental spills from water, coffee, and soda. The phone’s resistance from splash, water, and dust is not long-lasting. Wear and tear will at some point decrease its resistance level. If you accidentally dropped your iPhone into the water, you will immediately enter panic mode. The next thing on your mind will be water damage repairs; how to salvage your luxury device. Switch off your device, and then take your phone out of the case. Ease liquid out of the port, and remove your sim card. Wait for a day or two for your iPhone to dry. If all efforts fail and you notice the built-in liquid contact indicator (LCI) turns from white to red, the iPhone is damaged. You will need an expert to carry out an iPhone 13 Pro Max water damage repairs on your phone. There is a iRepair Experts in Brisbane, Australia who will restore your device with care and perfection using only genuine parts.
iPhone 13 Pro Max Motherboard Repairs
The iPhone 13 Pro Max’s motherboard called the logic board is synonymous with Apple products. It is the backbone that links the iPhone's components together. The ram, CPU, storage and others, and allow them to communicate and work together as one. An iPhone 13 Pro Max owner will no doubt worry about loss of data, and the phone itself, in the event of spills and high impact falls. The phone may need motherboard repairs. Other physical damages can destroy the iPhone 13 Pro Max, including cracks, breaks, and physical stress. You can know that your iPhone‘s logic board is bad if: the battery is not working. There is no backlight, erratic crashing, and phone not turning on. If this is your experience with your iPhone then you need iPhone 13 Pro Max motherboard repairs on your device. Changing the motherboard results in loss of data so don’t do it yourself! There is a iRepair Experts in Brisbane, Australia who will repair all motherboard-related issues and save your data.