iPhone 8 Repairs
The Iphone 8 is known for its sleek glass and aluminium design featuring retina displays with tur tone technology and A11 Bionic smart chip.

It’s actually been precision engineered to resist Water and Dust

However it’s not without its downsides so if you run into problems with your first thought might to take it back to the apple store or better yet, get in touch with us!
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Why iRepair Experts
Premium Parts
Only the best quality makes it to your phone
Unbeatable Prices
High quality at low prices
Repair at Home/Office
Mobile repair right where you are
12 Months Warranty
We offer 12 months warranty on screen repair services
Expert Technician
We ensure your phone is always in safe hands
Guaranteed Safety
Be it buyback or repair, we are the safest hands for your device security
Broken Screen replacement
iPhone 8 is made out of the most durable screen however the inevitable can still happen, our round the clock and super friendly staff are here for you, we are well stocked on replacements and offer solutions for shattered screens, cracked or just scratched! We understand the importance of your device and urgency to get back to work thus our iRepair Expertss work at the shortest time possible and at relatively affordable prices

We even have a range of screen protectors to protect your device from future damage all cost convenient
Motherboard issues
We understand the issues Iphone 8 users have to deal with including Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi connectivity issues, sound problems and various issues with device setup process especially with first and third party apps, currently many users are reporting issues with the iOS 14 software that powers the device and iCloud issues.

There have also been reports on the screen being unresponsive or frozen where the lock screen or home screen “hang”, unusually in some isolated cases some of the hard aware buttons still work

Our experts are up to the task with all these and offer tips on how to overcome more issues that may “pop-up” in the future

So if experience over-heating, slow device speed or issues with installing applications, kindly get in touch to avoid further issues and get back to using your device conveniently
Battery replacement
Of all the battery related problems, the swelling battery is the most buzzed about, Iphone 8 batteries have a tendency to swell up causing the phone to split, detaching the screen from the back making for a great footage!

We urge you to get in touch immediately you experience this

Other issues you may experience will be the battery draining quickly despite regular use or even while just playing games which should not be normal because the phone has good battery capacity

So don’t try to reset factory settings as this might make you lose your precious stored information, instead visit our experts!
Network problems
You might have already experienced this already or may soon will, updating problems where software updates are regularly sent to take care of newly found device problems, these affect Wi-Fi connectivity and installation of new applications as well not forgetting accessing the Icloud!

The Iphone 8 trouble shooting guide might be of little help, that’s why we recommend you bring your device to iRepair Experts where we can put the issue in lay-man terms for you and get you back to your busy schedule in no-time!