iPhone XS Max Repairs
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Welcome to the world of big screens! When you have iPhone XS Max, then you can claim to be the proud owner of the finest quality of phone from Apple. Though the phone has longevity yet it is prone to some or the other damages that need to be dealt immediately by the experts before you are bound to buy a new one.

We, at iRepair Experts, have a team of experienced professionals making sure that the problem is diagnosed in the best possible way. We implement the latest techniques and expertise to identify the fault areas and do all the possible to make sure that you need not buy a new one.

Well everything is just bigger in the iPhone XS max as compared to its predecessors, an edge to edge beautiful glass screen and also back, high-end, longer battery life even the price as well. However this comes at a steep cost as you have to be wary of the a scratched, broken or even shattered screen, probable motherboard replacement issues in case liquids seep through the iPhone XS and Apple currently doesn’t have a warranty against liquid damages and battery replacement as the device powerful processor doesn’t do it any justice. When all said and done it’s a sleek phone and sets the ground for future iPhones
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High quality at low prices
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We offer 12 months warranty on screen repair services
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Be it buyback or repair, we are the safest hands for your device security
iPhone XS Broken/Shattered/Scratched Screen Replacement
The huge edge to edge display gives the device are higher risk degree for getting scratched due to more additional uses, additionally there are complaints of the screening cracking easily despite being quoted as the most durable iPhone, luckily for you our iRepair Expertss are equipped with original stocks of replacements all done at an affordable price and the best part is you won’t have to wait for long to have it replaced while at it!

We urge you to take advantage of the screen protectors available at our shop to avoid future probable damages to your device.
iPhone XS Motherboard Replacements
As mentioned earlier Apple still doesn’t have a warranty for liquid damages which happens to be the main cause of needing to have a replacement, we therefore urge you when in a situation where liquids have seeped into the device and device won’t turn on after approximately 5 hours drying, kindly get in touch to avoid further damage to your device, we have experts with experience in dealing with iPhones and they are totally up to the task of retrieving your precious information and getting you back on track!
iPhone XS Battery Replacement
Despite the battery being bigger and meant to last longer, multiple uses and a powerful processor that comes with the device can render it obsolete, draining quickly or not holding charge. Trust our technical experts with your high-end device from opening it to accessing the inbuilt battery, we can diagnose the issue or damage be it a hardware issue or a system failure causing the issue, work out the cost and time to make sure you get back on track.
iPhone XS Network and Connectivity issues
This is not uncommon with the iPhone XS max LTE connectivity issue as complaints have been made about receiving poor receptions or signal inconveniencing communication, our technicians are well versed with this and look forward to attending to you.

Wi-Fi connectivity challenges is also familiar with this device it can however be fixed by resetting the network, but if it persists get in touch with us for further diagnosis

Bluetooth is also another major connectivity issue with the XS max, this can be trouble shot in the settings, however if the device is still unable to connect to other devices our reliable experts can have it fixed