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MacBook Repairs

The sleek design, fast processors, backlit keyboards and graphic design features are some of what makes the Apple MacBook one of the most preferred and popular laptops in the world today, unfortunately, all that comes with a price and not a cheap one and that is why in the unfortunate event of a breakdown you need a reliable and qualified computer repair expert to handle your MacBook. You cannot take chances with your precious gadget.

At iRepair, we understand that accidents happen and we also get what your Mac means to you and that is why we make sure those accidents are fixed to the highest quality possible. From a broken screen, faulty battery, charging port, or any software issue, we will ensure it is fixed with the best parts and service possible.

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Professional MacBook Repairs Services 

If you’ve been wondering, “Where can I find MacBook repairs near me?”, wonder no longer. At iRepair Expertss, we’re experts in troubleshooting and fixing the most common problems afflicting Apple laptops. From MacBook screen repairs to hard drive replacements, MacBook liquid damage repair and more, we’ll be able to restore your MacBook to its former glory and get you back to work faster.

We understand that accidents happen, and we also get what your Mac means to you. From vital work to sentimental photographs, media collections and more, we care about restoring your data and keeping your machine running. Whether it’s a broken screen, faulty battery, charging port, or any software issue, we will ensure it is fixed with the best parts and service possible.

Professional service For Macbook Screen Replacement

The Apple MacBook screen is undoubtedly an expensive investment, owing to the advanced technology that has gone into its manufacture. The MacBook screen is made of pure glass, with various fortifications depending on the series and year of manufacture. These fortifications help in making the MacBook screen tough. However, these glasses are not tempered. The screen glass of a MacBook is not only thin but also very susceptible to cracks. A crack is capable of causing irreparable damage to the display itself. Owning an Apple MacBook is no small feat. You will go the extra length to protect your precious gadget from damages resulting from cracks. It can be heart-shattering if your Apple MacBook mistakenly falls off the table and lands on the hard floor. This can have a huge impact on the device by causing cracks on the glass screen. Apart from your MacBook falling, other factors can make you require a MacBook screen replacement.
The use of a screen protector or webcam cover can also negatively impact the screen of your MacBook, causing you a lot of expenses at the end of the day. Another reason responsible for cracks on a MacBook screen is the use of keyboard protectors. This can leave a permanent stain or mark on the screen if you always bang the lid. It could also cause the display to break or have cracks. Other MacBook screen issues are the black screen of death, flickering screen, bright or dark spots, fluxgate display issue, and unexpected shut-downs. Laptops are essential and yet expensive, and dealing with a damaged MacBook screen is a big dread to deal with. This makes the thought of going for a new laptop scary. If your MacBook has any screen problems, don’t attempt to fix it by yourself. You can do more damage to your device. Also, a broken or cracked screen will not get any better; instead, the cracks will only get worse. If you are in Australia, come to iRepair Experts in Brisbane for a MacBook broken screen fix, we’ve got you covered. Our leading experts in the field of replacement are conscious that you need to have your device as soon as possible, so we will replace your screen swiftly and accurately. For replacement parts, we stock only quality-tested premium, and after-market screens, which we source from all around the world and come with a 12-month warranty.

MacBook Broken LCD Screen Replacement or Repairs

MacBook Airs are light, slim and nicely portable, but this also makes them very delicate. Even a small drop can often cause the screen to break or crack. We get many clients coming in about their Mac screen after searching for “MacBook repairs near me”. The cost of a new screen depends on the size and type of Mac. At iRepair Expertss, we stock quality screens at the best price, and our labour fees are very reasonable.

Another common problem that occurs with MacBooks is the dimming of the screen. While the screen contents can be seen, the display is very faint. Or there is also a black screen issue. Whatever the case, we will test the components to determine the problem and advise you on how to fix your Mac screen.

MacBook Battery Replacement

MacBook computers come with a lithium polymer battery to deliver maximum battery life in a compacted space. Factory-fitted MacBook batteries are rated to last 300 cycles. For some MacBook versions, your device can work without a battery; at most, it will run slower than normal. However, newer versions require a working battery connected, because it is part of the power logic system. Because your computer battery life is not always consistent, because all types of rechargeable batteries have a short lifespan. A lot of factors can negatively impact your MacBook battery, from variations in temperature, how you use your device, and the settings you use for your phone. Some signs of battery degradation are your laptop not turning on. Your laptop could suddenly turn off, your laptop has a “service battery” warning, or your laptop is not able to hold a charge. Certain unconscious habits can hasten your battery degradation. Excessive multitasking on your device or using resource-deprived apps are major culprits. The solution is to reduce the battery drain by cutting down the number of idle programs in the background while working and also reducing the sum of multitasking you do. Another factor responsible for your device’s battery draining faster than normal is by using the wrong default settings, which are needlessly gulping power. The solution is to put off your Bluetooth when not in use. Reduce your screen brightness, and adjust your keyboard backlight. Poor storage practice, if you keep your MacBook for a long time without usage with full or no battery at all, it can impact the battery lifespan. The solution is to charge your device or leave it to discharge to 50% before storing it for a long time. The problem could also be a result of using a faulty wall adapter. If a wall adapter is covered with grime or broken, charging your MacBook will be impossible. The solution is to check for splitting wires, and pins in the MagSafe connector that are stuck down, clean the charging point and try charging your device at another wall outlet. If your laptop battery is in a bad state showing “replace soon” or “replace now”, it’s possible that your laptop has ended its lifespan. It could also be that the battery is damaged due to an accidental fall. The solution is to take your device to iRepair Experts in Brisbane, Australia for a MacBook battery replacement. Our premium and aftermarket replacement batteries are second to none in terms of quality and dependability; this guarantees that you are getting the best value for your money. At iRepair Experts, we have skilled technicians in battery replacement, who will handle your laptop professionally using modern gadgets. Another reason why you should choose iRepair Experts is our superb response time. Replacing your MacBook battery is within minutes, so you can get on with your task.

MacBook Water Damage Repair

class="service_detail_bottom_heading">Did your MacBook just fall into the pool? Or did you accidentally spill water or coffee all over your laptop? It can be pretty hard, but try to collect your thoughts together and do your best to avoid entering into panic mode. The steps you take will either lead your gadget in the path of recovery or total damage. Unlike other Apple gadgets like the iPhone or iWatch, your MacBook is not water resistant, and since electricity and gadgets are not best of friends, the first step is that you should switch off your computer if your device is still on. This is not the time for document saving, the sooner you shut down, the better the chance of saving your laptop, and data. If your device was off before the water incident, do not attempt to turn it on to see if it’s still working. Step 2: Safely disconnect your MacBook from the charger. You must be safety conscious and avoid getting electrocuted and starting a fire. Also, unplug the charger from the wall, before you move your MacBook to a dry place. Step 3: You should prevent water from dropping the vent holes and unplug accessories. You must try to prevent water from entering into the vent holes (which are designed to release heat from the logic board into the atmosphere) situated between the screen and the keyboard. Also, you should unplug all external devices and accessories connected to your MacBook, including the mouse and keyboard. Step 4: Disconnect the battery from your MacBook. Turn over your device and remove the battery using a screwdriver. Carefully remove the battery connector from the logic board with a plastic stick or your fingernail. Step 5: Drain liquid out of your laptop. Use a soft fabric or paper towel to absorb liquid out of your laptop. While at it, protect the screen with a microfiber towel. To drain water trapped in tight areas such as in between the keys, on the keyboard, and ports, use a cotton bud. Step 6: Let your MacBook air dry for 48 hours. Even if you do not see water on the surface, don’t be tempted to power your laptop on. Place it upside down to allow the water inside to drain out. Leave it in an airy location, or use a fan to dry it. Do not use a hair dryer or radiator. Do not use rice to soak out water from your computer. These can cause more damage. When you eventually power your MacBook and it’s unresponsive or slow after the water spilled on it, you probably need a MacBook water damage repair. At iRepair Experts we use only premium aftermarket parts that function perfectly, just like the original replacement which is covered by a 12 month warranty. Your precious device will be handled with care by our professional technicians and returned to you without delays.

MacBook liquid damage repair

Our number one service is the MacBook screen repair, but water damage is also a common complaint that can affect Apple users.

When liquid enters your machine, many components can be affected, including:
  • Motherboard / Logic board
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • Battery Replacement
  • Screen Display Replacement
  • Hard drive
Our team has plenty of experience in dealing with MacBook liquid damage repair, and we’ll work to fix whatever issue you have as quickly as possible.

If you need to get your Mac back up and running, get in touch with us today to book in your MacBook repair.